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No Matter the Cost To From the Foxhole Blog

Posted 5/14/10
Britt Jones

Jesus called out to them, "Come be my disciples. (Matt. 4:19) .... But don't begin until you count the cost ...." (Luke 14:28)

No Matter the Cost

The cost of discipleship is different from the cost of salvation. Salvation is a free gift to those who believe (see John 3:16). Yet before signing up to be a true disciple of the King of Kings, we are asked by Him to "consider the cost" - because you cannot become His disciple without being willing to "give up everything you own." (Luke 14:28, 33) Scripture teaches that such a decision is the "narrow road' and that "few" will say "yes" to this call (see Matt. 7:14). But it also is the pathway to living out the purposes for which we were created. We believe that we are living in important days, and that God is up to something really good in this generation. Battle lines are forming between the forces of good and the forces of evil. He is calling you out to do your part in this noble battle!

Band of Brothers' Ministry

The purpose of the Band of Brothers' Ministry is about echoing this call of Christ and rallying men together who desire to live out the purposes for which we were created. Jesus once said, "Anyone who does God's will is my brother." (Mark 3:35) And God's will is that we answer the call to follow Christ unconditionally. Accordingly, our Ministry offers the brotherhood of Christ to men fighting to move from success to meaning, additions to freedom, and selfishness to God's call. We do not want to miss out on living out our rightful heritages as "brothers of the King."

Not Alone

We recognize that it is impossible to live out this "no matter the cost" calling alone. The apostle Paul never traveled without a companion, David had Jonathan, Moses had Aaron, and Christ modeled brotherhood by surrounding himself with twelve other men. No great and noble causes are achieved alone. We believe that a man who has answered the call to be a true follower of Christ, a man who is willing to walk the narrow road in order to live the life for which he was created, must have a Jonathan in his foxhole. We need secret-less relationships with other warriors for Christ.

Band of Brothers' Community Forum

To assist you in this important mission, we recently launched the Band of Brothers' Community Forum. This free forum can be used by you to find and connect with other brothers of Christ. It can be accessed from our home website at, or you can access it directly at You can form your own platoons (e.g. with your men's group from your church); you can take part in real discussions that are important to men who are trying to "fight the good fight"; and, you can connect with other brothers who have made the covenant to follow Christ unconditionally.

One brother commented, "Thanks for putting out the resources to help men in the battle." Another brother said, "There is no other foxhole I'd rather be in or any other mission more important."

Won't you join us?

- Vance F. Brown