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The words below are in a "gift card" that comes with the Band of Brothers' Ring.  These are words that you can read to your friend as you give him the Ring.  You also are encouraged to speak specific life-giving words about your friend's unique Christ-like spiritual gifts and his glorious inheritance as a Christ-follower.  The below words are the exact words that are on the card:

A Gift to You

I GIVE YOU THIS RING AS A SYMBOL OF MY BELIEF IN YOU.  You are an image-bearer of God.  I believe in your heritage and glorious purpose - no matter the sins you have committed.  I have seen your true identity - you reflect God uniquely.  I  see in you a warrior and brother of Christ.  I am certain that when God looks at you, He is proud.  I want to stand by you and fight for your life and legacy.  When you need a friend, I am here.  I pray that one day we will celebrate victory together at the banquet feast in heaven.  There is no obligation to wear this ring.  And there is no expectation of anything in return.  If you decide to wear it, begin by turning the ring with the cross facing yourself as a reminder of who you truly are in Christ.  Welcome to a Brotherhood of Christ!

The Call to Battle

IF YOU DECIDE TO ANSWER THE CALL from God to engage in The Battle with Christ our King - to be His disciple "NO MATTER THE COST," then turn your ring with the cross facing out - towards the world.  The ring then becomes a symbol and monument of your "no matter the cost" covenant to follow Christ.  (See Luke 14:25-33, "But don't begin until you count the cost ...")

Covenant of the Band of Brothers

I WILL SURRENDER MY ALL TO GOD - no matter the cost - so that I can become more like Jesus Christ - my brother and King.  I will seek out a band of brothers, for whose lives and legacies I will fight, so that together we can fulfill our mission to know, love and glorify God our Father.


Symbolism of the Ring

The Battle – The sword-shaped celtic cross reminds me that I have been born into a battle.  Sins such as sexual lust, pride, and greed can be devastating to my mission.  Yet I have the power in me – the Spirit - to overcome the world, flesh, and devil.  If I engage in my noble cause for Christ - my scars will not be in vain, victory is certain,  and the rewards will be eternal.

Surrender to Christ – When wearing the ring, my own flesh can be seen in the pierced cross as a reminder that I now will trust God unconditionally and will carry the cross daily as a warrior, follower, and brother of Christ my King.

Band of Brothers – The 12 bright spots in the midst of the dark circle remind me that, just as Christ chose to surround himself with 12 other men, so too should I remember not to try to fight the battle alone.

God’s View of Me – Most importantly, the transparency of the cross shows my own flesh, and reminds me that when God looks at me – that he sees my sin only through the perspective and lens of Christ’s finished work on my behalf.  I am a free man living under God's new covenant.