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Wife's Shield Pendant comes with a card with the following blessing and symbolism:

I WANT TO TRULY ENJOY YOU, as God intended it, in our years “together,” defined as living “as one” at the deepest soul level. Let’s truly live – together. Let’s serve well and love well – together. Let’s seek to know, love and glorify God – together. Let’s relentlessly search for God’s plan for our lives and be obedient to his direction – together. Let’s have fun and laugh and cry – together. Let’s finish well no matter what God asks of us – together. And through heaven’s eyes let’s look back on our lives with no regrets – together.

  • I am passionate about you! I cherish you! I love you!
  • You are lovely and beautiful – both inside and out!
  • And I will forever be grateful to God that He brought us together.  

Words of commitment to my wife

MY COVENANT WITH GOD. As I have matured in my understanding of living the life for which I was created, I give you this pendant as a symbol of the covenant I have made with God to make you my greatest priority in life outside of my relationship with Him.

I earnestly pray that in the years I have left here on earth that I will be mindful that my greatest mission is to be who God calls me to be as your husband. I commit that no other human relationship will ever come between us. I desire and pray to be God’s instrument to show you His protection, His tenderness, His strength, His provision, His pursuit, and His love.

Symbolism of Wife's Shield

The Battle – All forces of evil have been set against us to divide and conquer our marriage and to destroy our most important human relationship. The pendant is in the shape of a shield as a reminder to you of my commitment and prayer to stand in the gap and to be a spiritual covering and protection for your life.

Fighting for your Heart- The sword-shaped Celtic cross is a symbol of my willingness to lay down my life for you and to fight for your heart.

Band of Brothers – The 12 bright spots in the midst of the dark circle remind me that, just as Christ chose to surround himself with 12 other men, so too should I remember not to try to fight the battle alone. I commit to surround myself with other men who will hold me accountable to making you the greatest human priority of my life.

God’s View of Us - Yes we have failed each other, but the transparency of the cross is a reminder that God only sees our flesh through the lens and perspective of Christ’s finished work on the cross. We can now live in freedom together with no condemnation. I pray that I will see and love you with the lens of God – who created you as an image of His beauty.

Download Blessing for your wife Download Blessing for your wife (115 KB)



“You husbands must love your wives with the same love Christ showed the church. He gave up his life for her …” (Eph. 5:25 NLT)

Shield Pendant
for Your Wife

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