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Rite of Passage Pendant for Son

Young Warrior Pendant - A gift for your son (ages 12-17) to express your love for him, your pride in him, and your belief in him. The Sterling Silver pendant is just over 1 inch long. The pendant serves as a great gift to your son as part of a "Rite of Passage" into manhood. For more information, click here.

Dog-Tag Neck Chain - The Young Warrior Pendant comes with a 24" stainless steel Dog-Tag neck chain. This chain can be cut and shortened by you if so desired.

The Card of Blessing - The Young Warrior Pendant also comes with a card to your son that includes the symbolism of the pendant and words of love and blessing. To read more about the card, click here.

Shipping. Customs prohibits shipping jewelry to Canada. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please note that at this time the only shipping option is USPS 1st Class mail. Accordingly, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. But usually people will receive their orders within 5-10 days. We hope to add more shipping options soon. If you have a special ceremony that is taking place within 10 days of placing the order, please let us know about that in the "Special Instructions." We will do our best to accommodate.

30 -DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all products ordered, but please review our terms and conditions of the sale, which you agree to by placing an order.

Feedback. After you have presented the pendant to your son, we would really appreciate your feedback regarding how your son's 'Rite of Passage' ceremony went and what we can do in the future to improve the pendant and the words expressed in the card. Please use the "Contact Us" menu to provide feedback.

If you are ordering from outside of the United States, please call in your order at 719-661-4777.