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US Trademark and Copyright

The Band of Brothers’ sword-shaped celtic cross is protected under US Federal Trademark and Copyright Laws and International Treaties (the “Symbol”) so that we can protect the sincerity of its meaning and the branding of our products. And we will do everything within our power to keep the integrity of this Symbol and to prevent the dilution of its meaning. Yet, if certain conditions are met, we will give “approved” churches a limited license to use this Symbol (and our other Band of Brothers logos) and other content from this website to promote their church men’s movement in partnership with the Band of Brothers’ ministry. If you are interested in this program and in becoming an “Approved Band of Brothers’ Partner,” please print out and complete the following Agreement and fax it back to us: Band of Brothers’ Partner Agreement , The purpose of these requirements is so that everyone truly understands what they are communicating to the world when our logos are used and displayed, and that the explanation of the meaning of the Symbol and the partnering relationship with our ministry is consistent.