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The Princess Ring comes with a card that includes the following blessing and symbolism

My Love For You

My precious daughter, I give you this Princess Ring as a symbol and as an everlasting reminder to you of my feelings for you. I hope you will hear these words from the deepest place in your heart and soul, because these words will forever be true:

  • I Delight in You! 
  • I Think You are Beautiful – Both Inside and Outside!
  • You are a Princess and I will Forever Love You and be Proud of You!

For I have seen your true identity – you uniquely reflect God’s beauty. I see in you a princess, a crown jewel of God’s creation, and a sister of Christ our King. Please allow me to stand by and fight for your life, your eternal legacy, and your sacred honor.

Presentation of Princess Ring

I Put this Princess Ring on your finger with the heart facing yourself, so that the most important thing you remember is that you are unconditionally loved by God and me. Nothing you can do will ever change that! Second, the crown is symbolic of your rightful heritage as a daughter of God and a sister of Christ our King … so you are a Princess in the Royal Family of God. The sword-shaped cross represents my challenge to you to fight for sexual purity. God desires that you wait to have a sexual relationship until marriage, because He knows there is something better waiting for you if you do. Finally, as you wear this Ring always remember that you will forever be my Princess!

Your Covenant with God

If and when you choose to wear the ring out, with the heart facing the world, this will symbolize and be a reminder of your promise to God

  1. That you will remember you always will be loved unconditionally
  2. That you will remember that you will forever be a reflection of God’s beauty – both inside and outside
  3. That you pledge to wait until marriage to have a sexual relationship
  4. In those times that you fail to be obedient to God’s will, that you will remember God’s grace because of Christ’s finished work on the cross
Princess Ring Symbolism

The heart and the word “LOVE”: You are loved unconditionally. Because of Christ’s finished work on the cross and your belief in Him, no sins that you ever commit in life will change this truth. There is nothing you can do to make yourself any more or any less loved by God.

The crown and the word “BEAUTY” (the word “BEAUTY” is on the back): You represent the crown jewel in God’s creation. You are a princess – a daughter of God and sister of Jesus Christ our King. You are beautiful both inside and outside because you are an image-bearer of God.

The sword-shaped cross and the word “PURITY”: This is a reminder and challenge to fight for sexual purity and obedience to God. It also is a reminder of your earthly father’s pledge to fight for your honor and sacred beauty until one day – if ordained by God – this primary responsibility is passed to your future husband.


Princess Ring
for Daughter

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