Unity in the Brotherhood

Do you have a brother who fights for your life and legacy?
Do you have a brother who has a God-given lens for your rightful heritage in Christ?
Do you have a brother who believes in you, regardless of the sins you have committed?
Do you have a brother who fights for your eternal legacy more than even his own?
Do you have a brother who encourages you and builds you up?
Do you have a brother who fights against your sinful nature with “humility and gentleness?”
Do you have a brother who picks you up when you fall?

An Epic Story—“You have my sword”

Banding Together. Before we fully engage in our mission in this War, it is essential that we band together with trusted companions. In the great epic battle against evil in The Lord of the Rings, the leaders from all of middle earth met at Rivendale to discuss how to destroy “the Ring,” and thus prevent it from getting into the hands of the evil leader Sauron. The cause of good in the world depended on the successful mission of the Ring being destroyed by throwing it into the fires of Mount Doom.

The wise Elf Lord Elrond, who understood the dangerous quest that faced them, first challenged the men, “You will unite or you will fall.” But the men of middle earth, the elves, and the dwarfs all argued at the council of Elrond about which one of them should take the Ring. Finally, Frodo Baggins, the simple and humble hobbit was compelled by fate to submit to his calling, “I will take it! I will take it!” But even more importantly, Frodo had the humility and wisdom to admit his shortcomings: “But I do not know the way!”

Gandalf, the mentor figure and wizard in the story, is immediately drawn by Frodo’s humility to offer his assistance: “I will help you bear this burden, as long as it is yours to bear.” Aragorn then joins in by offering his gifts to the mission, “By my life or death, if I can protect you, I will! You have my sword.” Then immediately Legolas and Gimli are inspired to offer their unique and different strengths: “And you have my bow!” responded Legolas. “And my ax!” followed Gimli. And Sam, Frodo’s wonderful and loyal hobbit friend asserts, “Mr. Frodo is not going anywhere without me!” So a total of nine companions of the “Fellowship of the Ring” each offer themselves to the dangerous mission to destroy evil in the world. This Fellowship offers a wonderful illustration of a group of men uniting to accomplish something truly great and noble that could never have been achieved alone.

Unity in the Brotherhood Unity in the Brotherhood (171 KB)

We Few, We Happy Few, We Band of Brothers. ~Henry V

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