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Please contact us if your church would like more information about hosting a BOB men’s retreat! All of our retreats must be sponsored by a local church.

Come join us on a retreat

  • Why were you created?
  • What is your life about?
  • For what will you be remembered?
Explore these and other questions!

Don’t you want to live a life that matters – to live a life that would give honor to God and to those you love? We often believe the lies from the enemy that there is not a noble and unique reason that we were placed on this earth. And we can get taken out by the world and by sinful addictions that keep us in bondage – taking us away from what we were created for.

In the futility of life – we lose heart!

Many men are tormented and held hostage by their secret lives, unable to live in the light and embrace the reality of the cross. This often leaves carnage in our wake and wounds with those we love.

  • What is the cost to fulfill our God-given mission?
  • How do we love our families well, live an abundant life, and leave a legacy that was planned for each of us from the beginning of time by the Creator of the universe?
  • What is going on?

There is an unseen battle raging around us. If we choose to fully engage in the ultimate battle, we still will experience some pain and suffering, but our scars will not be in vain. And the rewards for joining the revolution for Christ will echo throughout eternity. This is a battle for which we were uniquely and wonderfully made to fight. But we can’t fight alone. The power of the Spirit has been bestowed in the full body of believers. We must find a band of brothers with whom we will fight – who will unite together for a common, meaningful, and glorious mission.

At this retreat, we will discuss how to have courage for the battle, unity in the brotherhood, and humility in the mission. The retreat leaders commit to setting the tone for vulnerability and authenticity with our own battle stories. We hope to facilitate open and honest discussions about the issues, lies, and fears that we men confront in the battle and the enemy’s strategies for taking us out. We will learn about God’s good plan for our lives- which promises peace and freedom and purpose. We will ponder how to truly fight for our wives and children. And we will discuss the need for “Jonathan-David” brotherhoods.

These are important days – maybe the last days

There is an incredible opportunity that may be unique to our generation! We are all being called to take our rightful places in the larger story and to be sold out to the will of our King.
God, the angels in heaven, a cloud of witnesses, and all of eternity are waiting for your answer!



“Don’t be afraid of the enemy! Remember the Lord, who is great and glorious, and fight for your friends, your families, and your homes!” (Nehemiah 4:14 NLT)

“The Lord now chose … other disciples and sent them on ahead in pairs….” (Luke 10:1)

And the Saints overcame the accuser because of the blood of the Lamb, and because of their testimony. And they were not afraid to die.” (Rev. 12:11)