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If you are looking deeper and want additional resources to use individually or in your small men’s group, we highly recommend the authors below. Their collective works bring diverse points of view, progressive thought, and help unite men together in Brotherhood with Christ.

Bob Buford – Halftime -
Bob Buford is a successful businessman who, after a tragedy involving his only son, made the decision to be sold out to Christ and to live the second half of his life much differently. He writes about his personal mission to leave a lasting legacy and how to move from “success to significance” in his best-seller, Halftime. Mr. Bufford encourages us to live a life that has impact – that bears eternal fruit.

Larry Crabb – New Way Ministries -
Larry Crabb is a well-known Bible teacher, author, and speaker. He has written many best-selling books including Inside Out, Connecting, The Safest Place on Earth, Shattered Dreams, The Silence of Adam, and the Pressure’s Off. In one of his classic books, SoulTalk, Dr. Crabb discusses the core battle that is going on within us – that is the battle to fully surrender ourselves to God. Along with Dr. Allender, these men may the the fathers of the modern day revolution that is happening in Christianity today. Dr. Crabb is one of the great Biblical thinkers and scholars who has ever lived. No other author has had greater impact on the Band of Brothers’ theology and ministry. It also is our belief that some of Dr. Crabb’s most recent thoughts may form the basis of the next great reformation of the Church! Dr. Crabb’s latest book, The Pappa Prayer, is a must read!

Gordon Dalbey -
“The book Healing of the Masculine Soul pioneered the Christian men’s movement. In an era when masculinity is often dismissed as violent, destructive, and at best, unnecessary, Dalbey calls for a renewal of godly courage and strength in men as lover of a woman, father, worker, warrior, and church member…. Every man starts life with a natural, life-or-death dependency upon the woman in his mother’s womb. In order to grow into manhood, the boy needs a father to call him away from the woman into the company of men. Men today can’t do that for their sons, however, because their own fathers did not do it for them. This deep wound of abandonment festers in the masculine soul.” (Excerpt from Dalbey’s website)

John Eldredge -
John Eldredge is an author, speaker, and counselor. He has written much about the battle being fought for our hearts. Wild at Heart is a “must-read” for men fighting to recover their hearts. John also co-authored with Brent Curtis another book which has become a classic and another “must-read,” The Sacred Romance. Other books include Journey of Desire, Waking the Dead, and Epic. Just recently John completed a wonderful book for women with his wife Stasi called Captivating. John is one of the great Christian communicators of our day.

Morning Star Ministries – Rick Joyner –
Rick Joyner is a minister located in Charlotte, N.C. He is the author of many books, including 3 books that document his prophetic visions of the great spiritual battles fought by Christians in the last days. Who knows? We may be in the last days, so these books are very important to create a sense of urgency about our purpose for living for such a time as this. They include The Final Quest, The Call, and The Torch and the Sword. These all are must reads for all those who sense that we may be in the last days.

Raising a Modern Day Knight - Robert Lewis -
Robert Lewis is the teaching pastor at Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Ark. Raising a Modern Day Knight addresses the questions: What does it mean to be a man? Moreover, how does a father instill these qualities in his son? Robert Lewis shares a unique approach to shaping a boy into a man by equipping him with three essential elements: a vision, a code of conduct, and a cause (Christianity) in which to invest his life. If you have a son, it is important to initiate him into the Greatest Battle of all time, and to give him a vision for his rightful place in the larger story. From the website link above, there is some wonderful material (video series, book, workbook, journal, etc.) that dads can use together to usher their sons through a right of passage.

Brennan Manning -
Brennan Manning is an author and speaker. But more importantly, he is entrusted by God to deliver a wonderful message of grace and trust. At the end of the day, we disciples have one major question to ask ourselves, “Are we going to trust God and His good intentions towards us?” So read this book, Ruthless Trust. Another must read is his classic, Ragamuffin Gospel.

David Murrow -
Promise Keepers president Tom Fortson recently said this book is “The hottest book in men’s ministry.” Find out why so many men and boys find a lot of churches so boring, and get some ideas about what can be done to reach men in the church.

Wes Roberts -
Wes Roberts, an author, speaker, and mentor gives great insight into how to restore the true purpose of the Church in Reclaiming God’s Original Intent for the Church. Mr. Roberts counsels and mentors emerging leaders from all over the world. He is a passionate and “wild” man who is one of the great “spiritual fathers” of our time. Wes Roberts is one of the great mentors of our age who is modeling and teaching this lost spiritual art to other men. Don’t miss out on any opportunity to get to know this man’s heart either through his speaking or writing.
Bob Buford – Halftime

Stephen W. Smith - Soul Custody -
Stephen Smith, an author, speaker, and spiritual director challenges us to care for our soul.  As Smith contends, "Caring for your soul is about waking up to live before you die."  Every day we make choices that affect our lives - choices about what to eat, which job offer is best, which relationships are really worth our time.  Whether we realize it or not, every choice is a decision for the life or death of our soul.  

Rick Warren -
Rick Warren is the pastor of Saddleback Church in California. As stated by Pastor Warren, The Purpose Driven Life “will help you as you pursue God’s purpose for your life. You were created by God for a very specific reason, and only you are qualified to fulfill the mission God has placed within your very DNA.” This is another “must read!” This book offers balanced and good theology! It is being used by God in unbelievable ways! Other than the Bible, this book may become the most popular Christian book of all time – for good reason!

William P. Young -
The book The Shack literally is rocking our worlds – in a really good way! If you ever wonder about “the goodness of God” or “where is God?” during the difficult seasons of your life – DON’T MISS OUT ON READING THIS BOOK! Eugene Peterson wrote: “This book has the potential to do for our generation what John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress did for his. It’s that good!” Well said – and we agree!