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"This ministry is one that has encouraged our church family as well as my own family. The emphasis on being authentic and involved in journeying through life with other men that know you and love you is a welcome change from “ stale men’s rah-rah sessions.” I know these men and trust every one of them. God has used Band of Brothers to help thousands of men become more like their Savior. I recommend Band of Brothers to anyone who wants to see God work in the lives of men. When it comes to encouraging men to walk lives of courage, humility and unity this organization is the real deal. I am able to see these men on a regular basis and they practice what they teach!” ~Mike Worley, lead pastor of The Gathering

“The Band of Brothers retreat is a life changing retreat. The Band of Brothers retreat is worth every minute and every cent. Not only has it changed my life but God has used this team to change many men at Vanguard. We will be forever grateful for the risk and honesty that this team took to lead us into being a great band of brothers and a more committed group of men to the God who loves us, sent his Son, died for us, and gave us new life through His resurrection.” ~Kelly Williams, Sr. Pastor at Vanguard Church

“In twenty years of ministry I have never seen a men’s retreat that addresses men’s issues with more passion and vulnerability. I was overwhelmed with the transparency and genuine raw openness of the Band of Brothers’ speakers. If it’s up to me we’ll revisit this relationship again and again.” ~Bob Holloway, Pastor at The Rock- Real Community

“I strongly recommend the Band of Brothers experience for men in the church. Men are continually offered groups, conferences and self-study – but the Band of Brothers’ retreat blends them all. Men are challenged to look at their lives, call on God and other brothers, and step up to the plate in serving family, church, and work in the race of life. Men need the challenge to become the brothers God desires them to be. Band of Brothers is vocalizing the challenge.” ~Randy Russell, Pastor for Spiritual Life, Chapel Hill Bible Church

“‘Passionate’ is one word that describes the speakers and the ‘Band of Brothers’ retreat experience. If you are interested in infusing your ministry with passion for Christ and a deeper and more honest walk, then you could do no better than this ‘Band of Brothers’ life message. Frankly, if you are looking for nice, neat, rules and regulations, Sunday morning religion with no transparency or brokenness then I encourage you to book another group. You’re probably not ready for the ‘Band of Brothers’ challenge’ or the challenge to join the battle we’re all called to.” ~Greg Murtha, Co-Founder, Halftime

“Band of Brothers provided the leadership, the direction, and the purpose to help men become men of integrity. Our weekend was nothing short of amazing: the spirit was among us, men shared, men bonded and bands were formed. Men now are doing battle together as we are growing together into Christ’s likeness. Thanks Band of Brothers!” ~Phil Ludos, Men’s Ministry Leader at Pikes Peak Christian Church

“Band of Brothers Men’s Ministry was an integral part of our gathering for young men. Many of the guys attested to how the Holy Spirit was working at the gathering as Band of Brothers shared openly and honestly, engaging them in life’s daily challenges and their faith journey. Band of Brothers gave sessions that related to the issues and realities that men are facing in their lives and helped to make our retreat one of our best gatherings to date. ~Doug Haugen Director, Lutheran Men in Mission; Sean Forde, Young Men’s Council of LMM