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By giving the ring you proclaim your belief in your Jonathan/David friend; that you see in him a reflection of Christ; that he is the kind of man you want in your foxhole; you express your desire to be his friend and brother; and you communicate your willingness to fight for his life and legacy.

When your friend receives the ring, the card that is sent with it (from you) clearly states that there is no pressure to wear the ring and that there is no expectation of anything in return. If he does not desire, or is not yet ready, to make the decision to be a disciple of Christ, the ring can be worn with the cross facing himself as a constant reminder of his true identity in Christ. When the ring is worn in this manner, the recipient is not making any statement to the world about any decisions he has made. He merely has been given a gift by someone who truly believes in him.

The Call to Battle

The ring then serves as challenge your friend to make a decision to be a disciple, warrior, and brother of Christ; to live a life and to leave a legacy for which he was created by God; and to fully engage in the battle with Christ our King – no matter the cost.

To Share with others our Story and Testimony

When the ring is turned out, with the cross facing the world, it is a symbol of one’s allegiance and personal decision to be Christ’s disciple – no matter the cost. It also is a reminder or monument of any other covenants or commitments to God that the ring recipient has made to our King (see some examples).

When wearing the ring, it is our hope that others will ask about it’s meaning. By sharing the symbolism of the ring, a brother is encouraged to share his testimony and personal battle stories. Through our own stories, we can personalize the symbolism of the ring:

  • “What are the battles I have faced in life?”
  • “Why am I willing to give up everything for this King?”
  • “What difference has following Christ made in my life?”
  • “What is God’s view of me now that I am a disciple of Christ?”
  • “Who are my band of brothers and how do I fight for them – and they for me?”

Through our testimonies, we want to share the truth and importance of Christ’s death and resurrection. And we want to communicate the value of being part of a brotherhood of Christ.

A Monument to Remember our Covenant with God

God teaches us throughout Scripture to remember significant events and promises by making a monument. Even God used a rainbow as a sign of his covenant with us that he would never again flood the earth: “Yes, this is the sign of my covenant with all the creatures of the earth.” (Gen. 9:17 NLT) And Jacob made a covenant with God that he would serve Him – be a true follower. As a reminder of this decision, Jacob anointed a pillar of stone as a monument. (see Gen. 31:13) God says, “Bring my faithful people to me – those who made a covenant with me by giving sacrifices.” (Psalm 50:5)

And the greatest sacrifice we can make is to fully give our lives to him – no matter the cost. Just like a wedding band symbolizes our commitment to our spouse, this ring serves as a monument and reminder of our prayer and covenant to be a brother and disciple of Christ and to battle for the lives and legacies of others. As God said to Jeremiah, “Remind the people … about the terms of their covenant with me.” (Jer. 11:2 NLT) When the battle gets relentless and the truth gets foggy, the ring on our finger reminds us of times when God’s truth, our purpose, and our desire to follow this King were more clear.

A Monument to Remember God’s New Covenant with us

Because of Christ’s death and resurrection, we are free men with new hearts – purchased with a price. God made a new covenant with us. “Now we have been released from the law, for we died with Christ, and we are no longer captive to its power. Now we can really serve God, not in the old way by obeying the letter of the law, but in the new way, by the Spirit.” (Rom. 7:6)

Satan will constantly feed us lies about our hopelessness and bondage. We need constant reminder of who we are under God’s new covenant with us. We are free men – bought with a price!

Identify the Brotherhood

Wearing the ring is a great way to identify ourselves and the commitment we have made to be a follower, disciple, and brother of Christ our King. Just like early Christians used the sign of the fish as a symbol to know who they could depend on during the intense times of persecution and battle, this symbol serves the same purpose. We need each other! We were never designed to fight alone. The strength and victory is in the body of Christ. We are not ashamed of whom we serve! We are united in our allegiance is to Christ our King!